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Welcome to a new era for, a site which has evolved to bring you access to the latest online shopping offers on branded fashion, along with links to a growing number of online retail stores for fashion labels. Bunnyhug brings you targeted offers which could include free delivery or discounts on your purchases....

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The Best Fashion Shows Across Europe

Fashion is such a broad and highly interpretable term that it enables everyone to play a part in its many facets of our society. With the fashion industry constantly evolving and growing, we are always offered new ideas each year that is not only changing people’s opinions about what fashion means but is also...

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Oriental African taking its collection to exclusive popup event

One of the internet’s most exciting and progressive fashion retailers Oriental African will be taking its collection to Camden in December as part of an exclusive popup event.     From the 17-27thDecember, customers will be able to enjoy 10% off displayed prices across the range, which features a wide selection of fashion blending...

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Kites and Bites A/W 2016 collection now available worldwide

Winter is here, which means the search is on for those one-of-a-kind party pieces to really make a statement as calendars become filled with glamorous festive soirees. London-based but globally inspired fashion brand, Kites and Bites has just launched its A/W 2016 collection with a selection of dresses, tops, skirts, trousers, jumpsuits and jackets,...

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Tzrania by Ollia luxury A-lister fur coats and accessories

There is no other winter-season style accessory quite as opulent, luxurious and oozing with glamour than the thick, fur jacket. Traditionally loved by Hollywood starlets, supermodels and stunning socialites, the fur jacket is synonymous with old-school elegance. However, this classic wardrobe essential has been given a contemporary update by couture fur brand, Trzarina. This...

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New H&M campaign sees David Beckham and Kevin Hart in new road trip

Bringing together one of the world’s biggest icons with the global comedy star, David Beckham has reunited with Kevin Hart for the new Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham campaign for H&M. The commercial is set on a road trip, picking the story up from their first commercial where Kevin prepared to play the...

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Hide Away on a Beach

Off-Season and Off-the-Beaten Path Never mind the temperature of the water: the view, the sounds, and the scents of a stretch of beautiful coast fill our senses and repair our souls. The pleasures of visiting the beach in the off-season are numerous, starting with the lack of crowds. So come October, pack your bag...

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StyleWe app allows fashion lovers to follow their favourite fashion designers

Staying up to date with the latest trends and collections from inspiring independent fashion designers just got easier with an update to the StyleWe app, an online shopping platform. Fashion conscious individuals can now easily find and buy indie designer fashion at high street prices. StyleWe’s extensive collection of stylish and modern attire has...

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Hop Hosiery subscription service to deliver packs of tights directly to women’s doors

Hop Hosiery is the brand new hosiery subscription service taking tights off your to-do list. By delivering packs of tights to ladies’ doorsteps at regular intervals, Hop Hosiery is putting an end to those last-minute dashes to buy tights for an interview, a date or a standard Monday at the office. Joanne Walsh Founder...

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Hipsterism, a fashion and a lifestyle

Hipster: “a person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream”  The Oxford Dictionary Over the last decade, the hipster phenomenon has come to cities all across the globe. A predominantly millennial tribe, hipsters are identified by their ironic fashion sense, mixing their ubiquitous skinny denims...

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Looking after fashion fabrics

Although the world of fashion changes very quickly, there are some pieces in your wardrobe that are bound to be timeless classics. You know, these favourite little numbers that can be relied on for any occasion and any season. So what do you do when they start to show their age and look a...

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