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Welcome to a new era for, a site which has evolved to bring you access to the latest online shopping offers on branded fashion, along with links to a growing number of online retail stores for fashion labels. Bunnyhug brings you targeted offers which could include free delivery or discounts on your purchases....

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4 Tips To Predict Your Perfect Engagement Ring

So, you think your significant other is about to propose? This is likely one of the most epic moments in your life, and naturally, you’re going to have a lot of questions! The ring he places on your finger is something that will represent your life together, forever, so naturally, what it looks like...

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How to Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle While Camping

Despite the rising popularity of services such as AirBnb and Couchsurfing, camping is still a popular choice for travellers on a budget, especially during the summer months. But whether you’d prefer the comfort of a glamping site, or would rather go somewhere with nothing but your tent and a sleeping bag – going camping...

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Carnaby Style Night returns at London Fashion Week in September

Carnaby Style Night

Kick start London Fashion Week with Carnaby at the annual Style Night on Thursday 17 September from 5-9pm. Register for a free ticket on and enjoy 20% off in more than 100 flagship, concept and independent stores as well as restaurants, bars and cafés across the 13 streets of Carnaby for one night...

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The Secret to Looking & Feeling Great? It’s all about Measuring!

If you’ve ordered a new French Connection dress or Muubaa jacket, you not only want to look great in it, you want to feel great in it, too. So what’s the secret? If you want to wear your new clothes with confidence, there’s just one thing you need to do – measure! We all...

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Spring Summer 2015 Look Book Unveiled


Spring is in the air and Max Cleavage .com is celebrating with a gorgeous new seasonal look book brimming with style inspiration. Featuring a garland of gorgeous themes, the new collection is set to be a staple in the springtime wardrobes of beach bound ladies across the nation. Emma Clark, Founder of MaxCleavage says...

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TTYA x Long Tall Sally a capsule summer collection for taller young women


Long Tall Sally, global leader in fashion for tall women, announces the launch of TTYA x Long Tall Sally – a capsule collection for summer with hot fashion label Taller Than Your Average. This collaboration pairs Long Tall Sally’s expertise in fit and design with TTYA’s cutting edge style. This 25 piece collection, designed...

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East London Xirl Street Couture Label Launches


Straight from East London, the latest in street couture, Xirl, is here. Xirl is a young brand revealing its SS15 line – animal print tops and vintage denim shorts that are impactful, eye-catching and totally radical. Fashionistas of all ages looking to make their wardrobes more hip can mix and match a range of...

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Varca the new stylish summer sandal

Varca sandals

Forget the flip-flop, this chic design from the Balearic Isles is the perfect summer sandal. The style offers a practical, comfortable and stylish shoe – ideal for wearing to the beach or for a spot of shopping in the city with a pair of jeans. The range explores a huge variety of colours and...

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IMPALA Clothing Launches African Inspired Clothing Line

IMPALA Clothing

Yaw Acquah’s foray into fashion is a true rags to riches story. After losing his job as a physiotherapist in November, UK based businessman Acquah turned lemons into lemonade, launching his fashion forward brand IMPALA Clothing . The trademark African themed start up infuses the vibrant colours and bold patterns of African textiles with...

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Roy Roger’s New Twist on Classic Denim

Roy Roger’s Denim

We often underestimate the power of a fabric: a refined touch or an unexpected effect can change a classic garment – sometimes too ordinary – into something with character. “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered” sentenced a famous designer. Denim also represents the most tough, timeless and versatile fabric, and...

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