The 101 of Labret Piercing

Labret piercing is skyrocketing to unprecedented heights with renowned celebrity endorsements, but it still falls behind in popularity when compared with other, rather traditional, facial such as regular ear and nose piercings. Thus people who are oblivious about this fad are often confusing labret piercing with regular piercing. In reality, it is done in the area directly beneath the center of the lower lip. This form has existed as far as our murky history reaches and is here to stay. Whereas before, it only carved a special niche amongst the men of American Northwest Coast Indians, the piercing soon reached to women as well.

The Healing Time for Labret Piercing

When compared with other areas of the body, labret piercing is the slowest to heal because of the delicate area they are scheduled. Although the recovery takes somewhere around 9-12 months, they are worth the trouble and efforts. However, as with any other piercing, it is imperative to exercise care and precaution to avert infections and promote healing.

Where to Buy Piercing jewelry

You can garner labret piercing from a piercing shop or a tattoo parlor. If you live in a big city, these are not hard to come by! However, if you live in a smaller town, you might have to travel some distance before finding a reputable piercing parlor or you can buy wholesale piercing jewelry.

The Cost of Labret Piercing

Here’s the part most people are concerned about; labret piercing won’t break your wallet, so to speak, and is rather inexpensive to glean. The average price is around $40, depending on the opulence of your stud or ring. Since it is already cheap to begin with, never skimp on spending money when it comes to labret piercing. Always choose a credible piercer, who knows his business and has been recommended by someone, since a poor piercing could cause gum and teeth damage. In addition, if you have to spend a few extra bucks for a better quality labret, do it.

Stretched Labret Piercings

A needle gauge of 1.6mm or 1.2mm is used for a standard labret piercing. However, your labret piercing can be stretched to a bigger gauge thickness if you decide to change your style. With standard piercings, you can choose from myriad styles, such as wholesale 316L steel anodized labrets, wholesale anodized labret studs, wholesale anodized Monroe labrets, wholesale black anodized lip labrets, wholesale anodized surgical steel lip labrets, wholesale titanium g23 lip labrets, wholesale titanium g23 labrets, wholesale titanium lip piercings, or wholesale G23 titanium lip labrets. However, when it comes to stretched labret piercing, the choice of accessories will be limited, because larger gauges do not incorporate threaded accessories to choose from.

Micro Labret Piercing Studs

A gauge of 1.2mm is used for micro labret piercings, and it is the smallest size you can opt for. There is a wide selection of micro sized and chic labret jewelry to grant you a more subtle look. Micro labret studs incorporate a vibrant and bright range of trendy designs in the UV micro labret stud range.