212 VIP search for ultimate clubbing couple

212 VIP is launching an exciting new web series that tracks couples around the world that are trend setters in their own right as exclusive VIPs of the local clubs in their cities.  The web series will take place in one of six exciting cities every week beginning with the London on September 14th.  There are four episodes for each of the cities after which viewers are invited to decide who gets to continue to fight for the grand prize from the city.

The grand prize for the exclusive party couples is of course an invitation to a very exclusive New York VIP night out at the clubs, but only one out of twenty couples is actually going to make the cut, which makes each episode monumental for the competing couples. The heat is already on in London with everyone from a down to earth DJ couple, a pair of glam trannies, and a hot Soho couple competing for a shot at the chance to make it to New York.

This is just the pinnacle of the iceberg however, because once the grand finalist for London is chosen viewers still get to choose finalists from five more cities and then of course the final winner.