4 Tips To Predict Your Perfect Engagement Ring

So, you think your significant other is about to propose? This is likely one of the most epic moments in your life, and naturally, you’re going to have a lot of questions! The ring he places on your finger is something that will represent your life together, forever, so naturally, what it looks like holds high importance!

Whether you think you’re sure what kind of ring he is going to pick out, or if you are completely lost, we have a way where you may be able to predict this monumental moment; and how is that? Just take a look at his personality!

The Traditional Man

Roses and chocolates at every suitable occasion, sweet notes of love left for you at random moments, the dream of a traditional family and growing old together; does this sound like your mate? If so, he is certainly a ‘traditional’ type, and can you guess what kind of engagement ring is in your near-future? Of course, something traditional, like a classic diamond ring, with a gold band to match!

The Artistic Man

Colour, creativity, ideas that certainly fall ‘out of the box’, concepts that give a new definition to the word ‘different’; sound familiar? Having an incredibly open minded and creative partner certainly comes with its advantages… life is simply never boring! If this fits your man’s profile, you can expect your engagement ring to be anything BUT typical. Surely, he opts for a bespoke engagement ring, something with unique gemstones, in varied shapes, and maybe even an engraving on the band!

The Perfect(ionist) Man

Everything in order, plans are made and followed to a ‘T’, mistakes in any area of life are simply not an option; does this description ring a bell? If so, you definitely have a man that likes things just perfect, also known as a ‘Perfectionist’. While it’s in his nature to be strict with detail, how does this transcend into what engagement ring he chooses? Chances are, to ensure perfection, he is going to do as many modern couples do, and purchase the ring together, with you!

The Bling-Bling Man

Nice car, a respectable watch, brand name clothes, perfect white smile, and all the talk to go with it; perhaps your man matches this description? You could call him a showstopper or simply a flashy guy, but one thing’s for sure, he likes to stand out (which is probably why you liked him from the beginning!). Let’s be logical, and assume that your guy is going to go all out on your ring; the bigger the better! Perhaps it will be similar to some of the traffic-stopping celebrity engagement rings, or something completely custom, but either way, you know it’s going to shine!