50 best dressed men of 2013 named

Once again the votes are in, and interesting is certainly one word for the results. The UK has named its choices for 50 of the best-dressed men of 2013 – or at least the fashion gurus have published the lists. Never mind any difference of opinion, just enjoy the spectacle and form your own opinion, because even the ‘experts’ don’t agree on who looks the best (or the worst) in the clothes of his choice

GQ Magazine’s list is topped by Nick Grimshaw, breakfast DJ for Radio 1, hardly the epitome of traditional British fashion but there you go. As a nice contrast, the American edition of Esquire magazine gave its number one spot to Pope Francis, citing a simple style of dress that appeals to many who may be longing for simpler times and clearer choices.

About halfway down GQ’s list comes Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. At the age of 92 the Duke is as sartorially perfect as ever, and it seems his influence reigns undisputed amongst the younger generations of the family. According to GQ’s judges, Prince Philip deserves yet another award for service to his country – one for setting the bar way up high and promoting a class act that can’t be undermined by fashion fads.

Before the Duke and right after Grimshaw on GQ’s list were Tom Hiddleston of ‘Avengers’ and Benedict Cumberbatch of ‘Sherlock’ in second and third place respectively. David Beckham, of course, and Harry Styles, plus various sports, television and film personages made the list, though not the Prince of Wales (this time) or for that matter any others of the royal line.

Also interesting is GQ’s take on the worst-dressed men in Britain, since that list includes fashion designer Ozwald Boateng as the number one bad dresser. Bad-listed along with Ozwald were a couple of politicians (George Galloway and Nigel Farage) plus Greg Wallace of ‘MasterChef’ and TV science presenter Professor Brian Cox.

If you disagree (and most everybody will) with some or all of the list, be aware the judges included such fashion icons as Sir Roger Moore, Donatella Versace, Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani, not to mention the Professors of Fashion at GQ. Note: none of this should be taken seriously. Really.