5th annual Cowbridge Fashion Week hits the catwalk

The shining light of fashion is going to be beaming down on Vale town this week as the Cowbridge Fashion Week gets under way for the fifth year in a row. The organiser of the event is Esther Hitchcock who is also responsible for running Jon Ian shoes.

The idea for the fashion week initially came after a parents and teachers meeting that was trying to work out ways for fundraising money for the local school. Ms Hitchcock commented at the meeting that it would be a good idea to do something related to fashion. The event first took place in the local leisure centre and it was very successful even in its first year. Over the last five years the event is just gone from strength to strength.

The fashion week brings many visitors to the town and this year they have even been able to get involved with the fashion agency McCallion Brown. The event is always run to raise money for charities as well and this year they are helping to raise money for a charity that supports people without Alzheimer’s disease, Ty Hapus. The event is seen by people from the town as a wonderful opportunity to dress up and do something a bit different.