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The Absolute Worst Dressed Lottery Winners of All Time

After winning the lottery, you can build the luxury wardrobe you have always dreamt of. Versace, Gucci, Armani, there is no limit to what your millions can buy when it comes to couture. But what a lottery jackpot cannot buy, unfortunately, is a solid sense of style.

This has been proven numerous times by jackpot winners who have unleashed their somewhat dubious fashion ideas onto the world. And while this is not a rare occurrence in the lottery world, there are some lotto millionaires whose utter lack of style is simply impossible to ignore.

In this article, we will tell you about the three absolute worst dressed lottery winners of all time, and you will see that money is simply not enough when it comes to looking good. Take a look!

1. Jane Park

After scooping a whole £1 million at the age of 17 after playing the EuroMillions lottery for the very first time, Jane Park was catapulted into a limitless luxury lifestyle. Among her first lotto investments was a breast enhancement operation that got her from her modest 34Bs to some very noticeable 36FFs.

Jane Park

Then, Ms. Park decided to add some couture clothes and some Luis Vuitton bags to her new cleavage. She also bought a chihuahua, most likely aiming to fit the obvious stereotype. Since her lottery win in 2012, Jane Park has been the talk of the tabloids and every single appearance featured a brand-new fashion disaster, which is why she is no.1 on our list.

2. Callie Rogers

Callie Rogers’ story is oddly similar to Jane Park’s. She won £1.9 million in the lottery at the young age of 16, which she saw fit to use to give herself a complete makeover. Ms. Rogers did not stop at breast enhancement surgery and had quite a few cosmetic surgical procedures over the years.

Callie Rogers

She went from being a flat-chested teen to a glitzy bombshell that took the tabloids by force. Several racy photoshoots later, Ms. Rogers was nothing like the enthusiastic girl who couldn’t stop smiling while holding her lottery cheque.

3. Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll is the most infamous lottery winner in UK lottery history. While he was not a fashion enthusiast before winning the lottery, his money, £9.7 million to be exact, enabled him to experiment with his wardrobe.

Michael Carroll

From golden bling larger than life to a virtually infinite collection of flashy sports jerseys and caps, Mr. Carroll was never anything less than a colorful presence. The tabloids nicknamed him “Lotto Lout”, which stuck with him for quite a while, but he styled himself as the King of Chavs. He even branded his Mercedes with his self-awarded title for the whole world to know.

As you can see, fashion sense does not come alongside a lottery jackpot. These three lotto winners have taken fashion faux pas’ to an entirely new level, which is why they will forever be remembered as the absolute worst dressed winners in lottery history.