Achieving Fashionista Status on a Student Budget

The average student’s bank account is so vacant it would echo if you could walk inside it. That’s no excuse for donning discount garments so faddish their fashion relevance speeds by in nanoseconds. You have to adapt or die a torturous style death.

There are grades of style–The fashion week crowd admittedly wears garments with swing tags carved in platinum. However, four star fashionistas, the most worthy of all stylists, know how to combine costly classics with vintage finds. It’s this that gives them the unique angle that sets them apart. The renowned stylist who dressed Sex and the City’s Carrie for the opening credits scrounged for that famous tutu in a bargain bin. Yes, those skinny jeans are probably haute couture but that cameo broach was found in a charity shop. Your student status gives you the challenge required to reach beyond a custom hoodie you’ll through on for lectures and aim for those higher fashion echelons.

This type of styling demands that you identify the ‘it’ garments for the season: a wrist cuff, doctor’s bag and maxi dress are worthy of investment. Classics are another financial obligation that simply must be done properly. You can’t substitute the flawless tailoring of a little black dress sewn with the expensive needle of the loving seamstress. Similarly, discount jeans carelessly distressed bring a whole manner of figure faults to the fore. The magic budget trick involves hours spent hunting through thrift stores for nattier garments. These are the items that transform you into a unique specimen worthy of the glances she attracts.

Student status awarded you with a sacred piece of plastic known and worshipped by broke academics countrywide. An NUS extra card gives you discounts and shopping opportunities while your campus card gives you discount rights that are just shy of equal. Resourceful swapping parties with friends are another style haven for the financially challenged. One person’s man’s fashion reverie is another man’s humiliation. You always knew you’d look better in those jeans she used to wear. This gives you a chance to prove it. Give her that aesthetically challenged red dress in exchange.

Out of the box thinking makes up for a host of disadvantages. During the depths of a budgetary crisis no student card can cure, it’s time to rummage beneath the bed for forgotten garments suitable for experiments. Miserable scarves transform into eclectic skirts with a simple tie and teeny skirts are tops awaiting a sexier resurrection. Even the deepest despair comes with hope knitted into it when you have the amped brain that enabled you to become a student.