Adidas is always the right choice

Adidas has a new one minute advert out and while it may be short, in just one minute you get a handful of enticing visuals and engaging musical beats to convince you that if you wear Adidas trainers you will be able to go ‘all in.’  While the phrase ‘all in’ may have some interesting subtext layered under it, especially given the fact that Katy Perry is in the video, the basic premise is that when you wear Adidas trainers you have the ability to do just about anything you could want including dance the night away or bounce around for a solid minute.

Also featured in the video is Caroline Wozniacki who makes several toe tapping appearances off and on that just about evenly spaced with the appearances by Katy Perry.  Neither of the stars play noticeable roles in the advert, but they help emphasize the dream that when you wear any of the new Adidas trainers from the autumn line anything is possible.  Of course, the music pounding in the background and the frantic shuffle of the girls also lends itself to the belief that the night is always young when you lace up a pair of Adidas.

Interestingly enough, there is not a lot of physical activity in the video in terms of sports, which is odd given the fact that Adidas has long been billed as an athletic brand representing the fact that maybe the popular shoe company is trying to reinvent its image as an everyday option for girls. True there is some tennis and some urban football in the video, but the concentration is on dance and beats in the club, and since you hardly need Adidas in the ballet studio, it would seem that the spirit here to prove that Adidas is always the right choice.