Adriana Lima tells her regime secrets

Adriana Lima was rumoured to have followed an intensive regime before appearing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and she has recently opened up and told the public about her regime.

She commented about her diet and exercise programme, “There is no question that the diet I was following was intensive and I found that it wasn’t about how long I worked out but about how intense it was. I tried to focus on the most intense exercises such as skipping as well as boxing. I also tried lifting weights but generally I find this quite boring.”

The programme of dieting began in August when the 30-year-old started exercising twice a day and visiting a nutritionist. She was very careful about what she ate and consumed over a gallon of water every day. For the 10 days before the show started she drank only protein shakes and kept away from solid food and the two days prior to the catwalk show she only drank water. 12 hours before she walks out onto the catwalk she would drink nothing at all.

About not consuming water she said, “Not consuming liquids dries you out really fast and this can take up to 8 pounds off your figure.” The chief stylist with the show has said that she is a great admirer of the lengths Adriana goes to to look good for the show, commenting, “she treats it like a sporting event, and prepares for the catwalk show like any long-distance runner would a marathon. When modelling Victoria’s Secret people seem much more of your body.”

Adriana commented about the show, “being a Victoria’s Secret model is one of the highlights of my life and I love being a part of that. I hope that one day I will look back and be proud of what they have achieved.”