Alexa Chung bruised but still standing

Despite appearing on the cover of British Vogue in June, things have been quite quiet recently on the fashion front for the 27 year old model and TV presenter Alexa Chung.

She made the headlines for all the wrong reasons earlier this month when the tabloids went into overdrive over the break up of her relationship with the front man of the Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner after 4 years together.

Alexa however, the leggy ambassador for Chanel who hails from Hampshire, has been quick in re-evaluating herself. Nothing so mundane as a new haircut for Ms Chung however, but a new home in New York. It’s been reported that she has swapped her home in Williamsburg Brooklyn for one in the Lower East Side of Manhatten, where she is said to have snapped up a one bedroomed apartment for $600,000.

While are some who have said that a few pieces of free Chanel clobber does not a mortgage make, it’s fair to point out that new TV assignments do. The first of these is a new reality show, which has the working title of ’24 hour catwalk’, which will be aired in the US and pitches aspiring designers in a contest against each other.

Critics have already pointed out that the premise is very similar to the hugely successful ‘Project Runway’, but Chung is still hoping that this will be her big moment to launch herself as a serious presenter and be ranked alongside the likes of the highly popular host of PR, Heidi Klum. Particularly after her first foray on US TV, ‘It’s on with Alexa Chung’ only lasted for two seasons.

September will also her launch the second collection she has designed for Madewell, the US retailer. This range is apparently inspired by girls who belong to groups who live by their looks.