Alexa Chung in Teen Vogue

British beauty Alexa Chung is the cover for the November edition of Teen Vogue. The 27 year old model, VJ and Designer looks stunning in a dress by Stella McCartney and her famous bob hairstyle. In the accompanying interview, Alexa has a good chat with the magazine and talks freely about her own fashion icons, her unique personal style, the Royal Wedding, her new show and how she is now single.

Alexa’s fashion reality show ’24 Hour Catwalk’ has contestants competing against one another in catwalk challenges. She is ably aided by a panel of professionals in the fashion industry; James LaForce the PR maven, Derek Blasberg the social scribe and the designer Cynthia Rowley.

Talking about the new show, the beautiful Alexa tells Teen Vogue that she only wanted to do it as long as it was a serious search for new and exciting designers, and that she would be working with people who were legitimate doyens of the fashion industry.

With her background Alexa is clearly no stranger to fashion, and whenever her name is mentioned it is invariably preceded by ‘style icon’, so who are her own muses in the fashion world? she admits that she admires the styles of Penelope Tree, Jean Shrimpton and Jane Birkin and takes a lot of inspiration from them and inputs them into her own styling.

Her own cool and quirky way of effortlessly putting her own clothes together has become an inspiration for many young designers and girls around the world are trying to imitate her outfits and style, Alexa also tells Teen Vogue that her favourite style at the moment is a schoolgirlish style that is smart and relaxed, boyish yet girly, everything she likes all put together to create one look.

When talking about the Royal Wedding back in April, Alexa admits to buying into the whole fairytale, yet she finds it weird that Kate got all this media attention for looking amazing, and she says of course she looked good, it was her wedding day and she had a stylist, and that nobody cares about the mechanics of why somebody looks good.