Amber Valetta promotes the new M&S Per Una collection

M&S introduces a new line in its Per Una collection, which comprises a range of casual, semi-formal and professional business attire featuring Amber Valetta as their model. You can find affordable and attractive designs that won’t break your bank account or leave you stumped as to what would look best on you.

These trends featured are for their new spring line collection and represent a selection of abstract images and animal print, dressed up with a patterned scarf and completed with a pair of solid dress pants and a set of matching jewelry. These outfits can be arranged any way you want and with their massive varieties of clothing, you will have no trouble piecing together what you like, and to make this even easier you can edit a style on their website and see what your choices will look like when put together.

In this short video, you are presented with just a few of their new designs that you can find in the M&S store or on their online catalog. Many of the items shown can be worn again and again as different sets of styles and collections by mixing and matching their trending blouses or cardigans.

Amber Valetta truly embodies the essence of a successful and confident woman who takes fashion seriously. The dresses, pants, and tops she wore show well-defined lines, without losing the femininity of each piece.

M&S carry items such as tops, bottoms, jackets and cardigans, handbags, scarves, and jewelry making it easier to find a collection that goes together. You can shop individual categories if you know what you are looking for, or you can search their whole array of items if you’re looking for something new and eye catching. At the end of the video, you can click on the thumbnails to see the details of each clothing item worn by Amber Valetta in the video.