Asda Extra Special with Leiths

Take one of the most respected supermarkets in the country; add in a healthy dose of a world renowned cookery school and the result is a range of party foods that well deserves its title of Extra Special. The supermarket is Asda, the cookery school is Leiths, and together these purveyors of fine foods have created the ultimate selection of party foods which gives you the time to have fun and not be stuck in the kitchen.

Special party foods at Christmas are a must, and we all have things in our cupboards and fridges that we wouldn’t dream of buying at any other time of year. Everything about the festive season is special, so it is common sense that the food will be too. There is a great little video which shows us how this all came together and as it so rightly points out; an Extra Special Christmas doesn’t happen by magic.

In the video we see various foods being prepared, tasted, and often then changed as they aren’t happy with the results. There are delicious looking Christmas tree biscuits that you just want to reach into the screen for and taste, and mouth watering mince pies that you can almost taste they look so good. In fact, there isn’t anything on show that won’t have your taste buds dancing with anticipation.

As far as food is concerned, the combination of Asda and Leiths is a real match made in heaven. Asda have long prided themselves on the quality of the food they sell and the quality of the food produced by the chefs from Leiths is second to none. At the affordable prices that Asda is renowned for you can rest assured that if you get your party food from the Extra Special range there will be cleared plates all round, so keep some back for yourself.