Asian fashion for TOWIE

Stars of The Only Way is Essex; Jess Wright, Sam Faiers and Lucy Mecklenburg haveĀ  appeared in a magazine photo shoot dressed in Asian fashion, but the makeover of the TOWIE girls hasn’t impressed everyone. The 3 girls are gracing the cover of Asian Woman’s winter edition adorned in traditional Asian dress; donning saris and mehndi in a shoot entitled ‘The Only Way is Desi’.

There are those who think Jess, Sam and Lucy look stunning but others have hit out at the fact the magazine is using the TOWIE girls in the first place. The official Facebook page of Asian Woman is currently a hotbed of debate over the cover, with one contributor slamming them as being fake tanned Asian and looking like trashy glam hoes.

Another writer says that the girls, who have all posed in the past either topless or in their underwear, should not be featured at all in the magazine and that while the cover would work well on a Playboy magazine it was disgraceful for it to appear here and disrespectful to Asian women. There were many other posts in the same vein, basically saying that the magazine was a betrayal of those named in its title.

The heated debate has also spread to Twitter, where one enraged person tweeted the question of why Asian Woman would feature the TOWIE girls on its cover and that they were extremely disappointed in the magazine.

Although many have slammed the photo shoot, it also has many fans and the magazines decision to meld the very different cultures. One user wrote on the Facebook page that they loved it, the girls looked gorgeous and that it was good to see the girls embracing a different culture. Another added that is was an amazing cover, and would never have thought that a mix of TOWIE and Desi would work so well.