Avril Lavigne wants her designs to be recognised

Avril Lavigne is determined to show people she is not simply a musician, but can hold her own in the fashion world as well. Her collection called Abbey Dawn has been successful with women and has moved into some men’s fashion items as well.

She stated her inspiration for the name of clothing line came from her father, who used the term during her childhood as a sort of pet name or term of endearment for her. She is able to blend warm open feel-good vibes with a dose of punk-inspired rebellion at the same time.

At a fashion week in Berlin, Germany she showed her creative abilities in clothing creation to interested potential buyers, and those just looking at the unique line of one-of-a-kind designs that certainly capture a certain flavour for those who are interested in this type of fashion.

It is hard to really give Lavigne a ‘type’ or genre at all- she seems to be unique in a sense, blending inspirations from different types of music like rock, punk, ska, and whatever else she decides to add to her arsenal of success as a musician, and now even more so as a potentially successful businesswoman with her new fashion projects.

To some it can seem like this type of success is possible only for some, but many have said that they feel anyone can have success in starting their own projects, if they are willing to put forth the work. Avril is an example of how hard work and following one’s passion can really start to pay off.