Basso and Brooke offer everyone The Look

Basso and Brooke offer everyone The Look

The designers at Basso and Brooke have gone out to create a bold, dramatic and very forward thinking collection for this season, and subsequently the hair has to be more subdued. Kenna, the creative director of ghd has said that the hair had to be greatly toned down and in a way underplayed so as not to compete or clash with the vibrant colours and patterns of the garments.

The end results weren’t just simple, soft and infinitely feminine, with a nod to the dishevelled partings and the texture courtesy of a small amount of product, but they also embraced the models individual personalities and eccentricities too.

To get the same look isn’t difficult with the right products. Use ghd’s Root Lift right through the length of the hair and blow dry it to create a natural looking texture with a slight wave. Using both the Gold Classic and Max Stylers from ghd, bend sections of the fair around the irons to create a haphazard bevel.

Using your fingers only, create a natural parting that suits the shape of your face, and then backcomb the crown with a ghd tailcomb. Gather all your hair together in to a loose and low ponytail and secure with a comb, letting the baby hairs to fall freely. The result is a classy yet casual do that will suit everyone.


The Royal Opera House was an elegant choice of venue for designers known for their creative yet classic collections. This contrasting element worked well for hair stylist Renya Xydias too, whose brief was to capture that same sense of duality. ‘I took inspiration from the clash of textures and the energy of the clothes’ she said, ‘so the look explores dual textures and personalities – it’s both hard and soft, masculine and feminine’. So while the look appeared strict, graphic and slicked with shine from the front, at the back thin braids gave way to a romantic and altogether softer, basket weave bun.

GET THE LOOK – Mist dry hair with water and brush through using ghd’s Oval Dressing Brush to smooth down

– Using ghd’s Tailcomb create a neat centre parting and section the hair into three pieces starting from the crown

– Saturate hair with ghd’s Straight and Sleek and brush through to the mid lengths

– Using ghd’s Gold Max Styler iron the lengths of your hair until sleek and smooth

– Take tiny sections from the back section and braid tightly, creating no more than 7 individual plaits. Secure with clear elastics

– Once done gather all the sections together and braid into one big plait, then fold into a knot and secure with pins

– Finish with ghd Final Fix spray for hold and gloss


With a collection based around the art of drapery, volume and asymmetry, and with bold colour blocking and vibrant print dominating, ghd’s creative director Kenna sought to find some simplicity with a graphic ponytail. ‘Although it looks easy and low-key from the front there’s a little more to it, we created a double ponytail and then embellished it with a zig zag parting to echo the detail in Maria’s signature lightning dress’ he said. ‘The strong, sharp silhouette works perfectly with such an elegant and interesting collection’.


– Prep your hair with ghd’s Heat Protect Spray and Root Lift Spray then blow-dry smooth

– Create a zig zag parting down the centre of your head using ghd’s Tailcomb

– Use your fingers to section off your hair at your ears to create two separate sections

– Soak the front section with ghd’s Final Fix Hairspray, pull back and secure into a ponytail at the nape of your neck

– Next gather the back section into a ponytail just under the first and connect the two together using elastic

– Iron the finished ponytail using the ghd Max Styler then mist with ghd’s Straight and Smooth until its ultra glossy

– Finish by binding leather cord round the join of the ponytail so it stands out from the head