Belinda Fountain leads the manicure revolution

Manicures have previously been something that were a simple cut and polish to make the nails nice and trim, however in recent months a huge revolution has been taking place in the manicure industry that is now seeing people make their nails look very glamorous indeed.

Colour and polish has been replaced by implanting jewels into nails as well as many other features. One of the main proponents of this move forward has been Belinda Fountain who was previously working in finance but she started a blog about creative nail design and since that time has become one of the most popular nail artists in the UK.

Since starting in the nail industry, she has been employed by leading blogs on the Internet about nails. This was something that she never expected and is delighted that her nails have been so welcomed by the public. She has created nails inspired by numerous different themes including some that are rather obscure such as nails based on Hello Kitty.

Ms Fountain often offers tips about nails on her original blog and has stated that she is an enormous fan of Japanese nail art. She has also said that she enjoys creating textured nails and is particularly keen on using the leather texture.

She also commented about the practicalities of having different types of nails saying that if you are using your fingers regularly then you are probably going to need to control the length, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t be very creative with what you can do.