BFC announce new Britain Creates project

Britain Creates is a project that is being run by the British Fashion Council and they’ve recently announced that it is going to be extended and is going to be a part of the Olympic Games that are taking place this summer.

The project is being led by the BFC and is part of the partnership with Mayor of London. It has been designed to be a celebration of visual artists and designers and how they’ve worked together for a long time to create some of the most iconic creative works in Britain.

The group have paired together these two groups of people for several years and have meant that some of the greatest collaborations ever seen have been formed. It is expected that because of the expansion of the program, even more visual artists and fashion designers are going to be paired together in the future.

The event has been extended to be part of the cultural events that are taking place alongside the Olympic Games. This is a 12 week celebration that is going to begin on 21 June and end on the 9 September. Artists from across the world are going to take part in the collaboration and many of these are from the UK.

The Olympic Games is a celebration of excellence in sport and the BFC sees this as an opportunity to show off some of the excellence of British fashion at the same time. Many artists have already been approached for commissions about creating fashion designs that will have a special significance for the Olympics.

There is a VIP event before the Olympic Games gets under way which is going to unveil some of these pieces. This event is going to take place in late June at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It is a gala and the money that is raised is going to be put into a fund that will help designers and artists collaborate on work in the future.

During the London Festival, the pieces created are going to be displayed to the public at the Victoria and Albert Museum and later at Selfridge’s.