Blake Lively looking forward to dressing up again in new film

Blake Lively, an American actress will star in a film this winter and she is certainly looking forward to dressing up again. This is her first big screen venture since the hit TV series Gossip Girl ended the previous year. Blake wore many designers when she was playing Serena Woodsen and was excited to go back to wearing costumes from different decades in the film.

Black went on to say that, when she was in Gossip Girl, she could hardly play a role during the weekends when she had short breaks. Therefore, she was excited to have a role in the new film since she would get to experience the different aspects of the 1900s. Her character would get to experience the different periods and tell a story through fashion; therefore, fashion would be an integral part of the whole story.

The twenty six year old star, who is also the face of Gucci’s Premier fragrance, revealed that she would be launching her company some time later in the year with the hope of inspiring different people by bringing different aspects of her project to create different types of “genre”.

She indicated that the launching of the company would take place in some few months, and she was particularly thrilled to be doing so. The main aim of the company would be about storytelling and enabling people to live a fulfilling life. She also said that the company is one of its kind since it had no genre and that there was nothing like that in the market.

According to Blake, she got into acting by default since acting was something that her family did. However, apart from acting, she has many passions and things she is proficient in that she does not necessarily use when she is acting.