Boughton House all set to host the Vintage Festival 2012

The stately mansion and glorious grounds of Boughton House in Northamptonshire will host Vintage Festival 2012, and its promoters are sparing no superlatives in describing the upcoming event. The Festival is a tribute to and re-creation of Great Britain’s music and movies, food and fashion in the decades from the 1920’s to the 1990’s, also hailed as the “. . . best looking and most uplifting long weekend of the festival season.”

As one of the Festival’s highlights, Twiggy, the Face of 1966 and incidentally the body that changed the fashion industry practically overnight, will be hosting a retrospective of the music, creativity and wild abandon that characterized the ’60’s in Britain. The 62-year-old fashion icon said that it was “fabulous” to be part of the scene “when music and fashion really came together.”

Brendan Cole of Strictly Come Dancing will bring his enthusiasm for fashion, dance and music to the Festival as part of “The Soundtrack of Our Lives”, showcasing the changes and innovations taking place to the beat of the music of the times. He observes that there have been as many changes in dance and its apparel as there have on the high street, and he’s eager to present his own perspective during this gala event.

Vintage Festival’s co-founder Wayne Hemingway is altogether delighted with the new setting at Boughton House. He says the spacious grounds will be perfect accommodation for the huge variety of events and shows planned for the long weekend July 13-15th.

From the music to the fashions to the food and drink, and the ‘coolest’ of everything British, the Vintage Festival is a splendid way to spend a weekend. Vintage shops and even five iconic nightclubs to take you right back to your favourite decade will be on offer, and there’s camping available as well as plenty of B&Bs in the historic villages surrounding the estate.