British designers celebrate 25th anniversary in style

Surviving 25 years in the merciless world of fashion isn’t an easy job and British designers Antoni & Alison had to come up with something very special for the celebration of their silver anniversary. However, their anniversary coincides with the London Fashion week which opened this morning.

This meant that the British designers had to do something amazing in order to satisfy the expectations of the public and it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that they did just that. The London Somerset House where the event was held was embellished by the colorful designs of the British duo and one thing is certain – the visitors weren’t disappointed.

The colourful collection created by Alison Roberts & Antoni Burakowski was the result of spending four days, separated and alone while listening to music which they haven’t listened to before. After their return, they exchanged their sketch pads and saw the results.

According to the British duo, their new collection is pretty simple and they’ve gone back to the basics in order to achieve the positive results. The colourful dresses and tunic shaped tops, covered with striking patterns surpassed the expectations of the visitors and the British duo lived up to its reputation.

The unknown music which the artists listened to took part in the show as well. The introduction was leaded by a brass band while the 24th Invicta Rifles played while the models walked along the catwalk. Some of the designers to show-off their collections were Fyodor Golan who displayed his beautiful models covered with Native America prints and face paint.

Afterwards, Carolina Charles showed off her new collection consisting of playsuits, printed shirts and 80s accessories like woven bucket hats and plastic sunglasses. The London Fashion Week is one of the most popular fashion events and it is classified as one of the Big Four fashion weeks which are held around the globe.