Burberry makes it big again with Rosie Huntington

The Burberry brand suffered enormous difficulties a decade ago when its trademark tartan was adopted by chavs. This was entirely contrary to the high-end image that the brand wanted to project. Many thought that the damage this caused would be a irreparable and Burberry would never be able to make it back to the top of high-end fashion in the UK.

The autumn campaign has been headed by model Rosie Huntington, and the sexy clothes involved in the collection have truly shown that Burberry is back at the high-end of fashion. Its return is also reflected in the company’s revenue which has grown 30% on last year’s figures.

The comeback of the brand has been well executed and swift, and has been orchestrated by the creative director, Christopher Bailey, who was appointed in 2001. He used top celebrities including Kate Moss, Emma Watson and Rosie Huntington to bring the brand back to the upmarket location where it belonged. A boost to its profile also came through its embracing of social media. The brand is often Tweeting images of their latest outfits before they even hit the catwalk.

Despite uncertain economic times, the company has still managed to pull off its recovery and half-year revenues stand at over £800 million. Much of this has come from China where flagship stores have brought in a great deal of business for the company. Since July however shares in the company have dropped significantly as people fear a slowdown in growth for China.

These impressive growth figures have been helped by the company’s trademark outerwear. The trenchcoat that the company is known for as well as other leather items have accounted for around half of the company’s growth. The London outlets have also contributed a great deal to the growth figures.

Angela Ahrendts is the Chief Executive of the company and she has stated, “These growth figures clearly show how the Burberry brand is gaining momentum internationally. We are also prepared for any changes in demand that might occur in the luxury clothing sector.”

As well as in China the company has also seen significant growth in London and the United States. Burberry is expected to add more floor space during the rest of the year to meet growing demand. It is estimated that the company will be opening around 10 new stores, some of these based in China and Latin America.