Cashmere Range from M&S

When it comes to winter woollens, or summer woollens for that matter, there is nothing quite like the luxury of slipping into something made from cashmere. The softness and comfort is matched by a glamorous sophistication that is hard to beat with any other fabric, and the fact that it is so long lasting and never goes out of style means that buying an item made from cashmere is going to look fantastic for a long, long time.

M&S are rightly proud of their wonderful range of cashmere garments, and to showcase this they have released a short yet very informative video guide to the cashmere range they sell. Unlike some other brands, the entire M&S cashmere range is machine washable and being of the highest quality you can wash and wear it time and time again and it will still look as if you have just bought it.

We see a selection of the items available and can see for ourselves how modern they are better than you ever could in a still image. Layering really shows cashmere at its best, and in the video we see a model wearing a full range of cashmere items from a trendy sweater to a scarf and gloves. Mixing and matching colours and neutral tones has never been so easy either, and we are shown what a great effect this is.

Deep, rich wintry tones such as burgundy also feature in the M&S cashmere collection, perfect for those who prefer a more grown up, classic look. There is also a selection of cashmere items that are smart enough for the office without being boring and have a sort of preppy, collegiate look to them that never goes out of style. If you are looking for cashmere then you should be looking at M&S and checking out this video for inspiration.