Celebrity designers raking in the cash despite shoddy designs

Everyone knows that celebrity designer ranges are the opposite of cool, but yet somehow they end up making tons of pounds every year. It is hard to deny that celebrities have plenty of power, but one question worth asking is how much power do they have when it comes to their clothing ranges?

Most people know that celebrity lines are not trendy right now, but people still continue to buy it because the brands are still out there. Current celebrity designs from this year hail from Madonna, Tulisa Contostavlos and even Lauren Pope. Made in Chelsea one hit wonder Caggie Dunlop even has her own designs.

Of course, not everyone is familiar with these celebrities, which is precisely why some of the collections continue to sell. A Mintel survey reported that only about one out of every twenty adults actually admits to shopping with the intention of looking like a star or dressing their children like a celebrity. The days of people clamouring to look like Kate Moss are long gone.

Back in the late 2000s everyone wanted to look like their favourite celerity designer, and Topshop was crowded day in and day out. At that point in time affordable chic celebrity fashion was in, however now that everyone wants to be an individual the days of attempting to look like a sheep are also out.

Most celeb ranges that are out there right now are co-authored with quieter labels such as Emma Watson’s titled line for People Tree. Even with Watson’s fame, her label has not gotten that much buzz and the widespread hysteria from the Moss days is certainly not there. The truth is that people just do not care when price and ease of access are involved.