Celebs and cosmetic surgery – dying trend or increasingly popular?

Celebrities have long been tastemakers and trendsetters in everything from fashion to weight loss methods. However, when it comes cosmetic surgery, the stars haven’t always been so honest and open about their nips and tucks.

The relationship between famous people and cosmetic surgery can be dated as far back as the 1930s when Mary Pickford, a United States star of silent films, underwent a face lift procedure that rendered her face partially immobile. The technology used for plastic surgery has certainly improved since then, and celebrities have not shied away from some of the most popular procedures both in the United States and the United Kingdom, including face lifts, breast enlargements, and liposuction.

It may never be known whether celebrities are more likely to get plastic surgery in recent times or if their fans are just more likely to find out about it due to the advents of gossip magazines and social media. However, the one change that has been clearly noted since the 2000s is that the nature of the procedures that celebrities choose to have are changing. For example, in the 1990s, the standard procedures such a breast implants and facelifts, were not uncommon in Hollywood and abroad. However, as cosmetic surgery has made strides toward more efficient procedures, celebrities have been the first crowd to embrace them.

Patricia Heaton, former star of the United States sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond,” is perhaps one of the most noted performers to talk openly about her “mummy makeover,” a procedure that can include as many as three surgeries in one such as a breast lift or augmentation, a tummy tuck, and liposuction. Sharon Osbourne is another celebrity who frequently sings the praises of this comprehensive procedure in addition to her other various cosmetic enhancements. The British star and wife of Ozzy Osbourne also candidly discusses how a gastric band operation in 1999 helped her lose more than seven stone. Tina Malone turned to The Hospital group to have a similar procedure that helped her drop weight.

Add to the list the number of celebrities who have experienced an increase in popularity due to their surgeries. In 2006, Kate Gosselin invited the world to watch as she underwent a tummy tuck to correct a separated abdomen, the result of carrying a set of twins and then a set of sextuplets in back-to-back pregnancies. The cosmetic surgery was documented in a television special that later lead to her and her family landing a top-rated television programme.

Brigitte Nielsen also found fame again after decades of being D-listed by the entertainment industry. In 2008, she planned her own reality programme, “From Old to New: Brigitte Nielsen in the Celebrity Clinic,” which showcased a cosmetic surgery makeover that included major operations like a face lift and liposuction. She also treated her viewers to smaller changes like new veneers and botox injections.

Nielsen perhaps sums up the relationship between Hollywood and cosmetic surgery best when she explains the purpose of her show. The former actress and wife of actor Sylvester Stallone chastised her celebrity counterparts for always attempting to keep their cosmetic enhancements under wrap and claimed that she broadcasted her surgeries so that the television audience could finally witness all the work that goes into looking stellar.