Cheryl Cole’s fashion TV show

After her success as part of Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole has proven herself to be quite at home in front of the cameras. She experienced a great deal of success as a judge on the X-Factor and it now seems like she is set to continue taking on the rest of the world with a new TV show. The programme will be showing on Channel 4 and is about fashion.

The Sun newspaper has been told from a reliable source that Cheryl is exciting to be starting the television show. The source suggested that viewers can expect something more than the typical fashion show from Cheryl as she has said she wants it to be, “more than just your average fashion show.” Ideas for the show are still being discussed but it seems likely it will follow Cheryl as she takes a behind the scenes look at what goes on in the fashion world.

The stars career has been on something of a hold lately as she was recently fired from her position on the US X-Factor. After this she refused to come back to the UK programme. Other than a brief role on the programme, What to Expect When You Are Expecting, she has been rather out of the limelight recently. Her former band mates have also been involved in productions of documentary television.