Christina Aguilera uses 2 year old photo to promote new perfume

Most products are promoted with new and shiny advertisements, but this is not the case with world-famous singer Christina Aguilera, who decided to promote her perfume with an advertisement which was released more than 2 years ago. The worse part is that the old advertisement has been unprofessionally retouched and its new appearance is a complete fail.

It is a well-known fact that all promotional photos are edited with Photoshop, but in Aguilera’s case the Photoshop treatment just made things worse. The poor attempt to hide the fact that the photo used is 2-years-old has ruined the advertisement for Aguilera’s fragrance. The advertisement of “Royal Desire” shows Aguilera wearing a pink, strapless dress with a short Monroe-styled hair.

The singer’s fans are wondering why she decided to use the old ad photo instead of shooting a new one. Anyway, Aguilera’s appearance was way different two years ago and doesn’t have many common things with her current appearance. However, the singer’s anatomy in the retouched advertisement looks out of place.

The advertisement can easily be described with two words, ‘Photoshop fail’. The team working on the photo has decided to overhaul the singer’s entire look, making her slimmer and changing some of her features. However, the final result certainly can’t be described as successful. The singer’s body looks distorted and anatomically incorrect.

Her wrist situated in the left part of the frame is one of the most obvious examples for the failure of the artist. The person who edited the photo tried to slim it down, but he ended up slimming down her entire hand and made her joint look longer and out of shape. Sadly, this isn’t the only incorrect part of this badly reshaped advertisement.