Chunky knits for this autumn

Summer is sadly drawing to a close and the weather is already swinging towards the cooler temperatures and damper conditions of autumn. However, it’s not all gloom and doom, along with many of the downsides we associate with autumn, the new season also brings with it the possibility for a wide range of new fashion trends, clothing styles and a brand new fall wardrobe.

One of the major fashion trends predicted to be big this autumn, having already dominated a variety of fall runway and catwalk collections, is chunky knit clothing. This is great news, as this kind of clothing combines a popular, fashionable style with the practicality and warmth that we need from our autumn wear.

Obviously, many of the most popular knit items are traditional classics such as cardigans and jumpers. These should be big and baggy, as this is part of the chunky knit style, go for anything too tight or close-fitting and you’ll just end up looking a little too much like your auntie knitted you an early Christmas jumper.

This trend is all about looking effortlessly cool, and in particular on girls chunky knit cardigans look great over otherwise minimal clothing, with little decoration or bold colours. Go for knits in warm colours such as brown or deep red, and wear them over pale shades to really get that contrasting look. Knit dresses are also popular for the ladies, so keep your eyes peeling for those warm, knee length, tunic style tops. The knitwear trend also extends into winter footwear remember the knit style ankle boots of last year? They’re back in a big style, so get a pair or two.

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