Claudia Schiffer’s cashmere fashion line

Claudia Schiffer wants to pass on her cashmere fashion line to her children. She stated that the inspiration for this project came from clothing she wore as a mother who also had to be financially independent, and she wants her line to look chic, without looking like one is trying too hard.

She stated that she has wanted to start a fashion design project of her own for years, but was always too busy until recently. Schiffer also says that other celebrities can inspire her to break away from the norm and try something new. This is a common theme today among stars; we see many jacks-of-all-trade patterns that show people that they can do a variety of things in a lifetime.

This is the kind of attitude Schiffer inspires in many people. As an independent successful businesswoman who is also a mother, she certainly portrays a good sense of balance and well-roundedness between professional and personal affairs.

People who are able to break out of their comfort zone can often surprise themselves by finding new passions, and new prospects. German model, mother, and now designer Claudia Schiffer hopes that her line will be successful in passing on her vision to others.

Many look to celebrities for guidance about popular fashions, new products, and Schiffer is no exception. As a model of the well-rounded modern woman to some of her avid followers she will certainly have a lot of sway and influence in the field of fashion design and of course in her predominant career as a model.

People have been quoted before as giving celebrities as part of their inspiration for breaking away from a dead-end job, or making a risky but exciting investment and having it pay off. “If they can do it, anyone can do it,” seems to be their motto.