Clements Ribeiro at London Fashion Week

Clements Ribeiro is celebrating his third year appearing at London Fashion Week, and it seems that once again he has created fashions that are pleasing the shows attendees. His designers, who include Inacio Riberio and Suzanne Clements, have created some excellent items including vests with floral prints and silk short dresses. The clothes are very feminine and light but they are given an athletic touch with the addition of cashmere knitted items with stripes of various colours.

Silk dresses were a major part of the show and these were seen to be held into place by shoe lace style straps. These were complimented with cream jackets and shorts with a blue stripe running down the sides. There was also evidence from the show of a new trend emerging and that seems to be that a printed style that covers the whole body is going to become a theme in 2012.

There was one problem with one of the outfits and that was in the range of racer backed vests that had the same prints as the trousers. When the models were wearing these trousers, which were quite loose, they billowed away from the models bodies at the wrong moments.