How the Colour of your Wallpaper can Affect the Ambience of a Room

A few decades ago, every house you went into was a carbon copy of all the others on the street as far as décor was concerned. Walls, woodwork and ceilings were white, and there would be one feature wall in either a garish wallpaper or the plastic wall panels meant to look like wood.

Thankfully, due to the explosion of colours that suddenly became available at the back end of the 20th century, and has continued to grow ever since, we can now decorate a room in whatever colour we want, and even have a room in a colour to suit the mood and use of that room. It has been proven that the colour of a room can affect our mood, and the colours available today are in a spectrum ranging from cold right though to red hot, and emotion wise from calm to passionate.

Both need to be considered if you are considering painting a room all one colour, as the look and the ambiance of a room should go hand in hand with the usage. This dilemma has all but been eliminated however by the big comeback of wallpaper. In the doldrums for far too long you will now see designer wallpaper being used by the experts on top home improvement TV shows.

Yellow is a bright, active colour that lends itself particularly well to dining rooms and kitchens where there is lots of natural light coming in. Walking into a room featuring a wallpaper boasting a yellow hue is not only aesthetically very pleasing but lifts your spirits. Even in the winter a yellow room will feel summery, especially when teamed with soft furnishings and finishing touches such as vases of flowers.

A bold red emanates warmth from the minute you walk into a room. Less is more when it comes to red however as too much can be very over powering. Remember the décor is only a part of the overall look of a room, and a completely red room will detract from your furnishings. A feature wall in a wallpaper with red as the main colour is definitely the way to go. Paint the rest of your walls in either a complementary colour or highlight one of the contrasting shades in the wallpaper.

One of the most popular colours to emerge in recent times has been purple. A rich aubergine looks striking in any room, but only very large rooms can get away with being completely purple as it is one of those colours that tends to shrink a room.  Purple and black together are very much the chocolate and cream of the 21st first century but too much is a no-no. Choosing a wallpaper than incorporates these colours against a neutral background will give any room the wow factor.

Bringing colour into your life in the form of decoration makes for an interesting and vibrant home, and gives you the opportunity to put your stamp on it. Colour is something we all need in our lives, and by following the guidelines above you will find the perfect balance between so-so and OTT.