Connie Day the model maker

She will be remembered for transforming fashion in the 1990’s after she took a picture of a 16 year old Kate Moss, showing her in a feathery headdress for ‘the Face’. The photographs that Connie Day took were something that showed a movement to a new era. There were movements away from oppression as regimes across Europe fell, it was also a time of celebration after the Berlin wall came down.

Day died last year, and there is now an exhibition of her work that is showing some of her pictures from the early 90’s. When you compare these pictures with those that were being taken in the 1980’s you can really see how Day was responsible for a forward movement in fashion photography.

There are series of pictures that feature Moss in the exhibition. Some are from tropical locations such as Borneo, in one of these she is seen wearing a hat and grabbing a bottle of beer. There are also pictures that show her back home in London, where she is wearing tatty clothes that look like they have been dug out from a charity shop. The whole series is vastly different to something that would have been made in the 80’s.

The pictures show her not wearing the glossy clothes of the 90’s but instead presenting an image that is much more real. Many of the photographs are not taken in picture perfect studios but feature what looks like low budget rental accommodation. The photographs have imperfections in them that only a few years before photographers would have gone to great lengths to remove. There are also shots of Moss today and the whole exhibition is a very nostalgic experience.