David Beckham reveals his pants preferences

David Beckham was recently interviewed about his underwear preferences to which he stated, “When I’m playing football I definitely wear briefs, but I do enjoy boxer shorts as well, especially those by Calvin Klein.

I find that generally if boxer shorts have too much material then they can get quite uncomfortable in the trousers, this is why I generally prefer to wear them just at night.” It was clear that the interview was making him somewhat uncomfortable, and at times he would adjust his clothing and stroke his face.

This February saw the launch of an underwear range from David Beckham that is going on sale at the Swedish retailer H&M. It is possible to buy boxers in the range for around £10 or a pair or briefs for around eight pounds.

H&M has a presence in 40 countries around the world and combined has 1800 stores. In the past, H&M has had a great many partnerships with famous brands but these tend to be short lived. Mr Beckham has commented that his relationship with the company is going to be an ongoing one.

It is expected that the partnership is going to last at least five years and it is expected to be rather fruitful for Mr Beckham. There have been no public announcements about how much he is getting paid but it is expected that the price is very high. The brand was initially going to launch by itself and along with his business partner he had fully developed the underwear and all the packaging required.