David Gandy and M&S Collezione Range

M&S went all out this year to bring you the men’s spring fashion range, featuring David Gandy and he has a lot to say about this event. All of their clothing directories and information for their items can be found on their website under men’s and under the subcategories in men’s.

David Gandy has stated that he is surprised at the attention to detail and quality that M&S has presented, as Gandy does not believe that many people actually realize the amount of quality that M&S has in its products. He was surprised to find that most of their clothing had very high quality, and he added that he admires how well the pieces fit together.

David shares that there are five things that a man should own in his wardrobe; including a pair of shoes as this is the item of clothing on a man that women often first notice, a really good quality suit that will stay with you for many seasons to come, a nice knit item that can be worn under a blazer, and a formal shirt as it can go with any outfit.

David advises men that the best way to dress is to dress to your body type. He states that men should try to keep their styles and looks appealing but also real. Dressing as someone who you are not, confuses the eye and the look is ruined.

This collection features a variety of warm knits and sweaters with mixed colour of pants and usually a pair of nice shoes. The men’s spring line doesn’t have much colour but with the mix of the soft colours and the striking dark colour of the pants, the outfit creates a comfortable look that can be described as both causal or formal wear.