Davina McCall fitness to fashion

Davina McCall’s fitness DVD has recently reached the number one spot, and for this reason many people are not surprised to see that she is now branching out into the fashion world. She has recently designed a workout range for the high-street retailer Next, and it is likely this is going to sell very well as functional clothing is said to be very trendy this year.

The clothing ranges  are not your typical gym wear, and baggy gym clothes have been replaced by crop tops and gym bottoms that are made out of the latest high-tech fabrics. She has commented about the range, “When designing the range I thought about what  I really wanted to see in gym clothing, such as reflective strips for when I’m out running early, or a place to store my MP3 player. I’ve also made sure that the clothing has solid support in all the right places.”

The clothing is also been designed to minimise the impact that exercise has on your body, such as shoes that are designed to reduce heel impact. She has designed the clothing with a very feminine touch which can easily be seen throughout all of the range.