Debenhams fashions fight cold chill of autumn

Although many people are not welcoming the cold chill of autumn that threatens to soon turn into winter, with this chill comes the new autumn line from Debenhams and if the new upbeat advert is anything to go by,  the new range is quite stunning to say the very least.

With a heavy focus on outerwear, the new collections of Betty Jackson winter coats, luxury knitwear from St. George by Duffer, clutch bags from Jonathon Kelsey, and ankle boats that will take your breath away are something to take a good hard look at because each piece is almost more stunning than the last.

The fashion trends of this autumn appear to be sleek and formfitting which is one reason why many people are going to find themselves drawn to what Debenhams has to offer this year.  After all, it’s hard to tear your eyes off of the sharp figure flattering curves of the vibrant red designer coats offered by Betty Jackson in the advert.

The first glimpse of the coat features Jackson pulling it off of the design model making it an instant attention grabber, but the second glimpse of the coats actually being worn on two girls makes it even more instantly appealing.

Add in the fact that the coat also comes in black for those who like to stick to trusted and true and you have one piece of clothing that already is a must have for the season.  Also appealing is the silver and black clutch bag featured in the ad by Jonathan Kelsey that almost looks as if it were made to fit the coats and you have one more item to add to your Christmas wish list.  This is just the beginning of what is on offer however as the website have hundreds of more items designed to awake the fashion queen inside of everyone.