Designer accessories for summer

Despite common beliefs, the British summer isn’t always a washout – and when the hottest, brightest days come along, many people find they’ve only prepared their wardrobes for rain.

If your dress sense is more about wellies and waterproofs than shorts and shades, it’s worth investing in a few accessories so that one pair of shorts stuffed into the back of a drawer can be repurposed for different summertime occasions, while still looking stylish each time you give them an outing.

Beach bling

Sites like Fabulous Collections have plenty of designer jewellery to choose from, from well known designers such as the famous Thomas Sabo charms and Nomination charms and it can be the perfect way to complement an otherwise minimal summertime outfit.

You might not be able to make your outfit more stylish using the usual winter accessories like a scarf, jacket, or full-length coat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still accessorise.

Look to fairly simple options like bangles and necklaces as a way to add an eye-catching element to your outfit, without adding too much weight to what you’re wearing.

Matching sets will always be stylish, but in summer it’s also much easier to embrace the bohemian spirit, making a mixture of different metals, precious stones and natural materials work well in combination.

The write stuff

If you’re wary of adding any weight at all on the hottest days, there are other ways to accessorise – and some of them double as having a practical purpose, too.

Look at The Pen Company’s range of stylish styluses as one less usual, but more practical, way to embellish your outfit.

A good pen, in good working order, never goes out of fashion – and with one of these high-quality items of stationery in your top pocket, you can be more confident that the heat won’t cause it to leak all over your favourite cotton shirt or linen suit.

Made for shade

Only mad dogs and designers go out in the midday sun – the latter to try out their latest shade-creating accessories, naturally.

Floppy hats for the girls or panamas for the boys, a pair of stylish shades – possibly with prescription lenses – and you’re ready for the brightest of summer days.

And if you’re feeling particularly outlandish, you might even want to add a parasol for a quirky, eye-catching and functional finishing touch.

And for a rainy day…

Of course, the sun doesn’t always shine, so make sure you’re prepared for those most awkward of summer days, when it’s wet but still hot.

Umbrellas are getting more and more stylish all the time, whether in terms of their design, or simply their colours, so invest in one that really puts your personality across – and remember, there’s less chance of it blowing inside out during the calmer days of the summer.

You won’t want to get that designer cowboy hat wet if it rains, but there’s plenty of waterproof headwear that will double as a sun shade when the clouds finally break, making hats a best-of-both-worlds option.

Whatever you choose, make the most of the summer – the longer days, even if it’s rainy, are the perfect chance to strut your stuff and show off your style choices, so accessorise for clear skies, but don’t be afraid to look delectable in downpours too.