Digital marketing agency set to revolutionise fashion industry

It used to be that a designer had to come out with a great fashion line and then find a marketing agency to make it a reality with people willing to make the purchase. However, with new twists entering the market such as The Social Tailor now things can happen a little different.

In fact, exactly the opposite of how it used to be as the point of the digital marketing agency is to actually design fashion from a marketing angle and then put it out on the market. In short, the marketing agent looks for the designer instead of the other way around.

The voice of the blogger for The Social Tailor is also the Creative Directory, who after studying fashion design during college in London and then went into the retail market. She then started working on the Burberry brand and before too long worked on moving it out of Scotland into the mainframe bringing fashion into the digital world. Now she is working in Edinburgh and working hardtop pitch some women’s wear. Of course, before you can promote women’s wear one needs to actually have a fashion range which is where getting a designer comes into play.

In order to do this she writes blogs about fashion and interviews designers that have press releases on the latest fashion releases. This helps her connect to the entire industry and at one point discovered an Agency that needed the designer. At this point she thought about the designers she had met and before long found one that she thought would be great and after creating a pitch sold the designer to the investors and before too much time had passed was responsible for marketing a designer to a major label. This is the new wake of fashion in the 2010’s.