Dress yourself and your home at John Lewis

Every girl loves a one stop shop. A bricks and mortar or online store that caters to your every need. There are several who claim to belong to this category but there are only a handful that actually pull it off. One name that doesn’t disappoint, however, is John Lewis who carry all the latest trends and fashion for not only your wardrobe but also for every room in your home, bar none.

Once looked upon as being one of those shops that only sold fashions for older, well-to-do women, many have now cottoned on that what they actually sell is stylish, quality garments that are not age restrictive. They also carry collections from all the top designers as well as having their own ranges of excellently prices separates, shoes, coats and accessories. Whether you want a glamorous party dress or a comfy onesie, John Lewis the place to go.

One area where they really shine and stand head and shoulders above their competitors is their wedding department. Their range of wedding attire is nothing less than stunning, and at a time where brides are having to make savings where they can, savvy shoppers know they can save a fortune by coming to John Lewis yet still look a million dollars when they walk down the aisle.

Being able to dress both yourself and your house in one fell swoop is a dream come true for busy women, and men for that matter, who are looking to give both themselves and their homes a makeover. From head to toe and top to bottom, John Lewis can take care of all your needs and they prove without a doubt that you can get yourself some great bargains without compromising on quality.

If you have never thought of John Lewis as somewhere for sumptuous sofas, beautiful beds and exciting electronics, then it’s high time you visited them and saw for yourself exactly what they have to offer. You will be amazed at the vast range of top quality household items they carry; from towels to toasters and candles to cookers, you really don’t have to go anywhere else.

Don’t live near a John Lewis store? Then head to their website and see what awaits you. At a time when other similar stores are struggling John Lewis sales are booming. There is a very simple reason for this; they move with the times, ensure every item they sell is of the very highest quality and they aren’t greedy as far as their prices are concerned.

In other words, John Lewis is one of a kind. Line it up against its competitors, both on the high street and online, and compare the range of goods, the quality and the prices. John Lewis comes out on top time after time after time, and thanks to their current price match incentive when they are matching their competitors special offers; you get more of a bargain than ever from everyone’s favourite store.