Duchess of Cambridge is not a major fashion icon

Although the Duchess of Cambridge has her styles admired by many, top fashion experts have said that she is not the style icon that some people are making her out to be. The experts have said that if you compare her with top celebrities in the United States there is no competition; they would win hands down.

Anne Slowey is the fashion director for Elle magazine recently commented on the situation saying, “The only real reason people pay attention to what she is wearing is because of her fame as a member of the royal family.” In an interview with the Daily Mail she continued, “She is not even close to being up there with style icons like Kate Moss but because of her place with the royals she is going to be followed by people very closely.”

Nordstrom is a leading department store in the United States and fashion director for the company Gregg Andrews has said, “She is not innovative with her dressing and certainly doesn’t set the trend but she does follow it. If Kate were not a member of the royal family people wouldn’t look twice at her, she is certainly beautiful, but her style does not match this beauty.”