Emily Mortimer dresses down when away from the film set

Emily Mortimer, the 40-year-old actress, who has appeared in such notable movies as Notting Hill and Shutter Island, has recently stated that when she is away from the Hollywood spotlight and picking up, or dropping off, her kids at school, she doesn’t focus too much on fashion.

The celebrity has commented, “I’m certainly not the most well-dressed person coming to collect their kids from school. Generally I don’t see this as a time to wear fashionable clothes and I just throw on whatever I feel like.”

Mortimer is currently appearing in the new television show from HBO, The Newsroom. She has stated that she generally feels less well put together than actresses in the United States but doesn’t necessarily feel as if this is a problem.

Earlier in the month she was named as the new poster girl for the fashion company LK Bennett and has stated that she is delighted about this. She commented that she is a huge fan of the clothes made by the company and is delighted to be working with them, saying, “In the upcoming collection there are so many fantastic items that I’m very pleased to be able to be representing the brand.

“They have been a British brand that I’ve been a fan of for a long time and I’m always buying something from their collection in the new season. I have already picked out several items from the full wardrobe that I’m looking forward to wearing when they come out.”