Everyone should have a good hair day

In every aspect of beauty there is one name that stands out. In the world of hair straighteners the brand everyone wants is GHD, short for Good Hair Day. These are a must have for everyone who wants great hair every day, and while more expensive than other brands, you really do get what you pay for with GHD as they care for you hair as they straighten it. You can get cheap GHD straighteners, however, if you know where to look around carefully.

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The company was founded back in January of 2001, when three entrepreneurs; Gary Douglas, Robert Powls and Martin Penny, got together to obtain the rights which enabled them to produce a certain kind of hair straightener developed by an inventor in South Korea. Their initially only sold their products through hair salons and for the first two years did not advertising whatsoever.

They relied on word of mouth and recommendations for this 2 year period, but embarked on their first proper advertising campaign in 2003. They did this by becoming the sponsors of The Salon, a British reality show. They also saw their product featured heavily in the down under reality show Australia’s Next Top Model. A later TV advertising campaign in 2008 found itself on the wrong side of the Advertising Standards Authority, who banned the series of ads after deeming them possibly offensive to Christians.

They set themselves a massive target of reaching £3-4m revenue by the end of the second year. When the figures came in, however, they had reached £12m. In 2004 they tackled the US market, where their product was an instant success. This boosted their sales revenue to £37m. In 2006, Lloyds Development Capita bought out the Jamella Group, which owned the brand name of GHD, for around £55m then only 11 months later sold it for approximately £160m to Montagu Private Equity.

The brand now has numerous celebrity endorsements, with such superstars as Madonna, Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow all singing the praises of their GHD’s. Free advertising of this calibre in such a competitive market is absolutely priceless, and this has merely cemented the reputation of GHD to be the hair straighteners of choice amongst the biggest stars on planet celebrity.

GHD are also a brand who give generously to charity. Since 2004, it has been estimated that the charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer has benefited to the tune of £2.5m thanks to GHD. Every year they produce a limited edition pink pair of straighteners, and £10 from every sale goes to the charity. Many women wait until this time to treat themselves as they feel they better about the fact that they are also supporting a good cause.

As with all brands of this calibre, a big problem for GHD is the amount of fakes for sale on the internet claiming to be the real thing. These are far inferior products, and can actually be dangerous. In order to protect their customers, GHD have developed a range of safety measures that include a product registration service and a website checker.