Failsworth model brings glamour to Manchester Fashion Week

The model from Failsworth, Lanie Wilson, recently brought a bit of glamour to the fashion week which has taken place in Manchester, as she has been involved with clothes from the high street retailer River Island.

Despite the event that was held in Manchester being largely in the rain, the clothing seen at the event was mostly focused on summer wardrobes. The event has been a serious extravaganza for the city and it has been taking place at an office building in the centre of the city which is not being used.

Many fashion retailers from around the city have been involved with the fashion week and it is also seen significant interest from other fashion retailers with stores across the UK, such as River Island.

The event has attracted many celebrity guests including stars of popular British television programmes. One of those celebrities at the event was previously featured on the popular soap, Hollyoaks. This was Nadine Merabi and before starring on Hollyoaks, she was also a fashion model.

At a recent interview she has commented, “Before I was involved in television I was also a fashion model, it isn’t always as easy as it looks, and at one point I was very embarrassed as a dress I was wearing literally fell off my body. I had to pick it up and attempt to cover myself as I made my way off the catwalk. I remember being very embarrassed and seeing a huge number of photographer’s flashes going off.”