Fashion meets technology at Apple

Apple’s hiring strategy has proved that there is not much difference between Fashion and Technology. This follows the company’s latest move to hire Angela Ahrendts as its head of retail division on Tuesday. Angela was previously an executive at Burberry. This follows the hiring of Belgian’s Paul Deneve who has worked with major fashion stores including Yves Saint-Laurent, Lanvin, Nina Ricci and Courreges. Mr, Paul was hired to work for Apple in the US.

In as much as technology is not directly related to fashion to warrant the hiring of former executives in fashion, something about the branding of luxury fashion has attracted the tech giant to start hiring from fashion. High-level brand building takes place in fashion houses, which could warrant tech companies’ relentless desire to hire from fashion.

When Burberry hired Ahrendts in 2006 to take up the executive role, the company was struggling in making considerable revenues. However, it had since more than doubled its turnover and had its share price triple before moving to Apple. This may partly explain why Ahrendts was the highest paid CEO of all the FTSE’s top 100 companies last year. Her package was worth $27 million (16.9 million pounds) based on the findings of MM&K, which consults on matters related to pay.

According to Robin Lewis’ “The Robin Report”, Ahrendts is the best fit for the job because of her undying drive to do what is good. Her philosophy intertwines with that of Steve Jobs, which makes her the perfect match for the retail division chief at Apple.

Although Apple had a bright idea when designing its retail division, some of its core strengths are slowly becoming outdated. Ideally, the company wants to start preparing for the release of some wearable tech that would be the next new trend, which includes jewellery and smart watches.

The hiring of Deneve to head its special projects division is also enough to spur debate on what the company is up to. Some say it can be geared towards fashion that has embedded electronics. Speculators are also looking for possibilities that Apple may be on the lookout for new market niches, which may be less tech