Fashion Shoot Experience Review

Special thanks to Kelly who sent in her review of a recent fashion shoot experience she had and shares some good insights into what happens and what you can expect if you’re thinking about doing this sort of thing, or buying an experience day as a gift for someone.

Kelly Fashion Shoot ExperienceIf you’ve every wandered through Debenhams you may have come across their gift experiences stand by the DVDs or random gifts? Well, that’s where my Aunt picked up box labelled Photo Makeover and gave it to me for my birthday.

Is she trying to tell me something? Most likely. But I wasn’t going to turn down the chance to get my makeup and hair done for free, followed by some photos for my social profiles.

So I redeemed my gift voucher online through the Activity Superstore website, who supply the gift vouchers and picked a date at the nearest studio I could find, which was only a 12 mile drive from my house.

The only catch was that I could only book a week day due to the weekend slots being booked up for the foreseeable future. Oh well, a Friday off work it would have to be!

I rocked up to the little studio tucked away round the back of a great big building converted from an old mill. A charming, rustic industrial estate if you will.

I was really nervous about going in, but there was a lovely girl about my age who did my hair and makeup just beautifully. It all looked very natural, which was exactly what I wanted. She spent absolutely ages on getting my hair and makeup just right and was chatting away the whole time, so I felt completely at ease.

She also explained everything she was doing as she did it and showed me how I could do it all myself in the future if I liked what she did. And I’ve been following her tips ever since.

Once I was all made up, she took me through to a little photo studio for pictures to be taken and I was immediately on edge again. But she stayed to talk to me with the photographer who was also lovely and chatty and helped me with poses and made me feel really relaxed and confident.

Overall – great experience and good photos. The people were both really helpful and friendly and it was all professionally done. I really enjoyed the experience and it was a nice feeling of being special and the centre of attention for a couple of hours.

The photos came out okay… But I didn’t feel that they’d really captured ‘me’ that well. But I was still very happy with the makeup and hair which I wore on my night out with the girls that evening!

I got to choose 1 photo at the end, because extra photos cost an extra £75 each!

So I stuck with my one free photo and asked if I could have the original emailed to me as well, which they were happy to do.

It was a fun experience for a few hours, although I’d recommend going with a friend for support or for two of you to do it together – if only for the makeup and the hair cut!