Fashion supports Children in Need

Children in Need this year is being supported by several famous names from the fashion world. Several designers have agreed to create a Pudsey Bear to raise money for the charity. These bears will then be sold on eBay and the proceeds will be donated to the fund.

Emma Hill is the creative director of Mulberry and she has created a bear for the charity. She described her bear as, “being a product of our English heritage and the history of the brand in the UK. We are famous for our leather accessories and so it only made sense to make the bear out of leather, we have chosen two of our most iconic brown colours in his construction.

We have also included a Mulberry fob on the back of him and the eyes have been made from the metal rivets that are found in so many of our designs. Of course, any Pudsey Bear would be incomplete without the iconic bandana, on our bear we have made this out of the same material that lines our handbags.”

Hill went onto state the Children in Need is a cause that she feels particularly close to having grown up watching the event. Now that she has her own child she understands the need for the work that charities do even more. She also stated, “I feel it is a great honour to be given this opportunity.”

Other employees at Mulberry are reported to have become quite attached to the bear that they have designed. One employee of the company said, “We have had a great time in the office and the factory bringing this bear to life, we are sad to see him go.”