Fashion week catwalks, clothes make-up and perfume

The catwalk season is well and truly upon us, with London, New York, Milan and the like all giving top designers the first chance to showcase their latest collections. The uninitiated amongst us will think that all there is to these shows is dressing up the models and pointing them in the right direction to do what they do best. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth.

Months of planning can go into a single show, from set design to lighting, choosing the models, last minute tweaks to clothes, music and make-up all play a part in making a fashion show more of a spectacle than anything else. Top designers have been known to blow millions on making sure that every minute detail is perfect, and the buzz surrounding their shows and the sales generated from them prove they have got it right.

Event management teams often work around the clock to put into action what the designer has come up with, it may be their ideas you see out there but is thanks to the hard work of the behind the scenes team that turn these ideas into reality. The designer’s first step is generally the set design, which is appropriate for their collection. Deciding which city to give the collection its debut is the next big decision.

Many have their favourites; such as London for Autumn/Winter or Paris for swimwear, and as each venue is very different they have to ensure that what they envisage can become reality. The various venues will have slightly different lay outs, or lighting, and once again it is the job of the events team to ensure that everything is perfected for the big night, and everything runs smoothly.

The programmes that go with the top shows are like gold dust, and companies pay a small fortune to advertise in them. Flick through the programme for a top show and you will see stunning advertisements for the like of hair products, make-up and perfume, and being credited with being a part of a show can treble sales overnight, giving a huge boost to upcoming companies who have been given the chance of a lifetime.