Fashion world set to be rocked by Westwood autobiography

The fashion world is likely going to get a rude awakening soon as Vivienne Westwood is hard at work on a candid biography that is being penned with help from Ian Kelly the biographer. Kelly secretly has been meeting with the designer to help tell her life story and some of the details are said to be quite juicy.

The fashion career of Westwood is pretty stellar with or without the rumours and gossip given the fact that she has been through the punk era and plenty of stained t shirts and all the way up to the modern day ruched velvets of the proper English trend. Given the fact that Kelly has worked with other top fashion designers including Casanova and Beau Brummell it is highly likely that the story is going to be told delightfully in full.

According to Kelly, he has been working with Westwood for the last several months during which time she has really offered him some frank revelations. Over the past weekend Kelly told an interview that he thinks that the life of Westwood is the perfect platform to explore how postwar Britain shaped the fashion world into modern times. He explained that her life really helps show how feminism and British culture has contributed to the world of fashion.

The book is due to be published in autumn of next year and will explain many details of Westwood’s childhood life before he moves into how she became part of the rock star scene. Her unique style sense helped earn her the status of one of the noted UK fashion contributors and today she is still considered a major style. Also intriguing is the fact that Westwood apparently said more since Malcolm McLaren is now dead freeing her to offer some creative dialogue.