Fill your wardrobe full of colour this spring

This Easter, and for spring in general, all one has to do is look at bright materials in order to be in fashion, because bright yellow and citrus shades are lighting up the streets of London even in the wake of dreary spring weather.

While many people might think that the vibrant yellows and oranges are too much for them, there is no need to worry because there are many great ways to wear these very eye popping colors out on the street even if yellow is not generally your thing.

Creative director for Colour Me Beautiful, Veronique Henderson, stated that there is no better way to jump into spring then with citrus colours that make you think of Easter chicks and bright yellow daffodils out in the garden. According to Henderson, primroses, light gold, lemons, pumpkins, orals, orange red, and tangerines all help to inspire the feel of spring.

You can easily add in some youth and freshness to any look in the spring by wearing one of these colours from head to toe, or for those with a bit more bravado, by choosing to mix up yellow and orange separate to create a fashion cocktail.

Henderson states that before even considering if orange and yellow are good colours on a person, it is important to look at the fabric that a garment is made out of because linen and cottons will tend to look flatter helping to pull together the look.

Blondes and those with clear complexions would do best to keep their yellows pale with light ivories working out the best. On the other hand, those with darker complexions or Asian skin tones will find that bright oranges and yellows on shiny materials such as silk will help to bring out the colour in their eyes.